Carciofi Charcoal & Putty

Product Code: SC-015-CAR-CPColourway: Charcoal & Putty


“Artichokes are such a wonderful delicacy in Tuscany, enjoyed particularly in the spring time.  It isn’t uncommon to see fields of artichokes in our area and in fact we quite often grow them.  As a result I’m very familiar cooking with them, artichoke risotto being a household favorite.  In terms of inspiration though, this design came about after picking a thistle when out walking in the Pratomagno hills.  I couldn’t resist after noticing the wonderful vibrant colours.  Once at home, I looked this particular thistle up in a book to see what it was and in so doing found a picture of a fantastic thistle.  From there developed the design of the artichoke which is accompanied by a wonderful leaf design showcasing their extraordinary form and consistency.”  Amanda Ferragamo

The Carciofi Charcoal & Putty cushion with cut fringe detail around the edges is the perfect finishing touch to any interior design scheme.  This cushion has been created to work back with the Carciofi Collection of Wallpapers and Fabrics and with coordinating stripes and small leaf designs.


Product Specifications

Size:50cm x 50cm
Fabric Composition:57% Linen, 43% Cotton
Infill:100% Duck Feather
Product Care:Dry Clean Only