Fairy Research

Wednesday 12th September 2018

I am staying in Portugal for a few days in a beautiful modern house near the sea.  It is amazing how my taste has changed.
Once I would not have liked this complete openness.  Today I love it.
The spaciousness and the open feeling of light is uplifting.  The interior is not minimalist but comfortable and interesting.
In the living room that must be at least 13 meters long, with glass windows all along one side,
there is a cosy nook created in one corner with a large TV and table for playing cards in another.
The sofas and chairs are comfortable, even gaudy looking in their quaintness.
Warm colours have been used such as deep orange and yellow, with little black comfortable chairs here and there.
The art is eclectic , some very modern with huge splashes of colour,
and antique masters depicting ladies in a garden in the 1700’s. They all get along perfectly.


I love the easy living too.  All the mod cons.  Under floor heating and spacious working bathrooms.
So easy to keep clean even if it isn’t, if you know what I mean?
We are ten people, more than half are medium sized children who leave a trail of dirty shoes and clothing.
It still looks spacious and hardly untidy.
I suppose it depends on whose standards, but being on holiday always rounds of the corners.



I am doing my fairy designs and not finding it easy.  The light is amazing so I cannot complain on that score.
It is the fairy herself that is challenging.
I have been walking out along the sea cliffs; it is invigorating, blustery and the scenery breath taking.
The Atlantic being an ocean has so much more character than the Mediterranean.
I walked along the top of the sand dunes, the vegetation and the plants are short and stubby but full of colour
and really quite spectacular, grey twisted sea thistle leaves with beautiful blue and purple flower.
Many different small bushes of bright pink and yellow, with white dotted here and there to bring it altogether.
I just thought a great place for a fairy to hide.



Whenever I start to design I research what I am drawing.  Fairies don’t exist, so I had to go to the expert Walt Disney.
However Walt has a very different style to me.  As fairies have to be created not copied or drawn from life,
it is up to their creator to decide what they look like, in this case me.
Who believes in fairies?
I guess the same lot that believe in Father Christmas.  So I am designing for that audience.
What is a fairy meant to be.  From my research she is a lot of things.
She can be any size from tiny to small plump little ladies.
Fairy Godmothers. Tooth fairies must be small. It seems to me that they are all female.
They do magic tricks to ward off wicked witches , change their colour like a chameleon and of course,
have wings; I got down to being practical.  It depends where a fairy lives as to what it wears.
What is available I mean. Also as far as food is concerned.  Where would it sleep, if it sleeps?
I am trying to sort it out.  I hope my fairies will be what a little girl would like to have in her bedroom.
To make it hers and to feel comforted that there are fairies, good fairies around her to ward of the wicked
witch while she is sleeping.
I am using granddaughters to model for me.
It is a tall order, but I am on to it.