Creative kids & butterflies

Monday 15th October 2018

September has been a good month.  Actually an exciting month!
Ailanto has become part of the George Spencer family of distribution in the UK
George Spencer’s name is loved and venerated in the interior world by young and old.
They are at the forefront with the new and upcoming and at the same time uphold some of the traditional designs.
I can remember my mother who was an interior decorator herself, trained at the Inchbald in London,
standing in her study with samples all over the desk and chairs, saying “ I always come back to George”.
Well what comes around goes around!
Their show room today at the Design Center in Chelsea Harbour is spacious and modern.
It takes generations of knowledge and experience to constantly be on top and ahead of the trends and fashions in the interior world.
Today we go from minimalist with stark lines and little colour to huge designs in an ever changing  kaleidoscope that clash and divide into a million hues.



In my youth there was “good taste”, not something I have never adhered to, believing that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
Life is so much richer if you can make a clients eye light up with pleasure.


Talking about eyes lighting up, I had 18 little ones doing just that not long ago.
My smallest granddaughters go to day school in London.  I was asked to come and give them a talk about wallpaper.
This is to 5 year olds!
As they had also involved fathers who were captains of industry to do the same, I could hardly say they where too young,
so off I went in trepidation. I wore a calf length dress with pink roses all over it and pink lipstick to go with it.
Definitely a bit of the older fairy godmother, or so I had hoped.
However it turned out I did not need my wand.  They were completely ingenious, enthusiastic and full of natural talent.
My name from square one was Granny.  Which in fact I like and am comfortable with.
Once they were sitting down, not easy, I asked them if they had wallpaper in their own homes and if they could describe it to me.
I felt I was peeping into their homes without being invited, but it certainly got them thinking.
What should a wallpaper be like? For example in the Kitchen, the dining room, the hallway and most importantly in the bedroom.
What mood did it set?  I found out that there were sheep on wallpapers in bedrooms, among other things of course.  Conducive to sleep? Clever Mum!
Green leaves in another bedroom, calming colour?  Veg and fruit in the Kitchen, sienna in the dinning room.
And so on and so forth.  I was learning much more than they.
We eventually passed on to the practical side, or rather from the theory to operative.



We decided that the one thing they could all draw and had a feeling for, were butterflies.  So that is where we started.
They were Wonderfully inventive.  Some huge, some tiny, some with faces. And all individual.
Having given them tracing paper to transport their designs on, we attacked the wall with relish.
It was decided we would start in the middle with the smallest and work outwards to the biggest in a kind of circle.
We stood on chairs and stools and the teacher rushed to put paper squares to cover the wall. The enthusiasm was infectious.
Creative talent, unconsciously expressed abounded.  It was quite overpowering.  Luckily the bell for the end of class saved the day.
However it has not ended there and apparently a request has been put forward to continue this creative instinctive next year.



A few weeks later I was asked to speak as a new designer at George Spencer Show Room it was far less daunting.