A New Start

Friday 23rd February 2018

I am starting a new life, upside down.  Doing what I did in my childhood in my later years.
As a mother and wife, in the years in between, it has been a very full life.
Full of adventure, joy, sadness, love and laughter and most of all experience.
Now as a grandmother of 12, I am offering them the ultimate lesson in life .
IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. I am 70 years old.

I started out to design wallpaper mostly because drawing is something I love to do.
Over the years there has never really been the opportunity.  Now I live in a little house up a hill, off the beaten track and surround by nature.
I have that precious commodity, time to walk and observe.  This gave me itchy fingers and I started to draw.
One thing lead to another and here I am today as the co-founder of Ailanto.  Producer of hand drawn wallpapers and fabrics.
I walk with my dogs, and collect either specimens or take photos of whatever catches my eye.
The shape or the colour is what always attracts me and the shadows it throws or absorbs, changing the same colour into a million hues.
There is that lovely poem by Wordsworth “ If this life so full of care we have no time to stand and stare”.
Today in the computer age there has never been anything more true.
I am so lucky to have found that time and to have eventually put it to good use.
I travel quite a bit and during those travels wherever they might be, I continue to collect inspiration to carry home.
Travelling also brought my business partner to me.  Keeley is part Australian and part English.
Whilst living in Florence she met my daughter in law, Louise and from there we got to know each other.
We have the same ideals and love of colour and design.
Keeley and I met again in England a year later when she was working on a large interior design project.
We talked materials and wallpapers and luckily for me, Keeley joined me in the most difficult of adventures: a start-up…