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Creative kids & butterflies

September has been a good month.  Actually an exciting month! Ailanto has become part of the George Spencer family of distribution in the UK George Spencer’s name is loved and venerated in the interior world by young and old. They are at the forefront with the new and upcoming and at the same time uphold […]

Fairy Research

I am staying in Portugal for a few days in a beautiful modern house near the sea.  It is amazing how my taste has changed. Once I would not have liked this complete openness.  Today I love it. The spaciousness and the open feeling of light is uplifting.  The interior is not minimalist but comfortable […]

An Italian Summer

Living in London during the hottest summer months, I came to realize how much the heat and sun challenge our perception of what surrounds us and its colour. Here there is no escape to a shady lagoon hidden in a leafy bower.  Not even in Hyde Park, or probably even less so, as it would […]

Summer in London

I am staying in London this summer on a grandmother mission to help a dyslexic grandson. Dyslexia is, or can be hereditary, and in this case, it is my side of the family that is culpable. In my day it was not recognized, but today it is, and more importantly understood. Living with a grandson […]

The Change In Spring

Everything seems to be behaving in an unusual and erratic manner this spring. Unsettled might be a better word. For myself I believe it could be this strange weather. I look around me and see plants flowering out of season, or flowering together when they don’t usually meet. Clematis love to cling to other species, […]

Rome is where the heart is

Rome is my favorite city, so full of colour, chaos, life and beauty. You walk from one century to another. People talk to each other across hidden squares with palm trees and balconies covered in jasmine. It is a city within a city.  Rubbish piled in one corner and elegant people drinking Negrone outside chic […]

Italian Botanic Love

The importance of Italian values and customs is easily seen in the symbolic flowers of Italy. The Lily in the national flower of the country but according to its popularity the Violet is also considered a floral symbol, and still there are many more flowers and plants which are part of the Italian traditions and […]

A New Start

I am starting a new life, upside down.  Doing what I did in my childhood in my later years. As a mother and wife, in the years in between, it has been a very full life. Full of adventure, joy, sadness, love and laughter and most of all experience. Now as a grandmother of 12, […]