From a convent boarding school in England to the pinnacle of Italy’s high society and the mountains around Tuscany that she calls home today, one thing has remained constant in Amanda Ferragamo’s amazing life – her passion and love for artistic design.

Suffering from dyslexia, Amanda’s fascination with art and form developed from a young age to the point where she was sent to study art in Florence at just 16. Having met her husband, raised five children and managed a household, simply put, Amanda’s life got in the way of her artistic endeavours. Although she continued to draw and paint throughout her busy years as a wife and mother, it wasn’t until the Spring of 2017 that Amanda fulfilled a lifelong dream and launched Ailanto.

Today Amanda is inspired by the natural world around her – from the colour in a flower to the shape of a leaf or the way a branch catches the light and its movement in the breeze. Ailanto Design is the product of a lifetime of inspiration, decades of passion and love for artistic expression.

Ailanto Design is Amanda Ferragamo’s legacy.

Meet Keeley Green

Ailanto’s co-founder, interior designer Keeley Green, established her London studio after completing a master’s degree in interior design in Florence, Italy.

Keeley’s sophisticated and ever evolving design style is influenced by her expatriate childhood in Africa and Papua New Guinea, as well as invaluable exposure to a range of architectural and design styles from her extensive world travels.

A refined sense of grace, character and keen eye for quality underpin Keeley’s sensibility for ‘relaxed elegance with an edge’. Her aesthetic translates across bespoke commercial developments, boutique hotels and high end residential projects.

Recent successful design projects include the restoration and transformation of ‘The Old Vicarage’, a country home in the UK.

Keeley’s current project is establishing an international design studio based in Brisbane, Australia introducing her defining looks, new products and unparalleled access to antique and artisan pieces from around the world.

The Ailanto Design Story

There’s an authenticity to design that is inspired by the world around us. It’s the details you don’t quite notice that make the difference, and it’s this understated quality that is at the essence of everything we do at Ailanto Design.

Ailanto Design launched in the Spring of 2017 and is the product of Amanda Ferragamo’s lifelong passion and fascination for artistic expression.

Today, Amanda resides in the Pratomagno area of Italy and regularly draws upon the natural beauty of the mountainous countryside, along with her wealth of design knowledge, when crafting a new collection. We are dedicated to producing unique wallpaper, fabric and furniture designs, each hand drawn and colour matched meticulously.

We work with both industry professionals and members of the public, looking to create inspirational spaces. Whether you bring years of experience or are new to the interior design world, our team are here to help you realise your vision.